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I create a photo from your memories, not memories for a camera. I want you to see your story displayed in print accurately. Fabrication is not in my nature.


As cheesy as this will sound, you only get that one fairytale moment with the love of your life. I want you to enjoy the real moments without having to worry about missing out. Documentary photography is the only way to go on a day so big.


Engagements, holidays, anniversaries, they happen so few times in our lives. Make sure to remember them in the most authentic ways.

NB/Hospital Birth

Whether it's your first or your fifth birth, let me tell your amazing, strong journey into motherhood.

Why hire a documentary photographer?

this moment is important

As a wife, a mother, and a lover of love, I can honestly say that documentary photography has no comparison. Without a photographer in your face giving you poses every few minutes, you are able to enjoy your time and EXPERIENCE the love that happens all around you.

You want to remember the times, but no one will remember times that were taken over by photography. I don't want you to look back and hate the day but love the pictures. I want you to remember and love the moments because of the pictures.

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Kind Words

Lou & Heather

This was honestly the part of my wedding I didn't know that we needed. Kayla has such a kind heart.